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Collège Charles III is a cosmopolitan school, where more than 46 nationalities learn side by side. Within this cultural melting pot, strong themes have emerged and the school has formed a credo based on tolerance, respect and mutual assistance.

Particular attention has been paid to languages, with English taught at several levels (Traditional, European Section for those aiming to become bilingual, and International Section for those who wish to add a bicultural aspect to their education). From Sixième (Year 7) onwards, pupils can also choose to learn German, Chinese, Spanish, Italian or Russian.

Artistic and cultural development is an important part of the education pupils receive at Monaco’s Collège Charles III, and incorporates school curricula, cultural visits, school trips and the organisation of various shows. A partnership has also been established with the Rainier III Academy of Music and Theatre to enable the most promising pupils to pursue their music studies in parallel with their academic education.

There is a special focus on charitable projects. Numerous and varied, these allow our pupils to develop the human values in which we believe.

"Mens sana in corpore sano": this well-known phrase sums up our school’s philosophy. Lots of sports activities are arranged throughout the year. A well-respected UNSS branch represents the school, and for particularly talented athletes, there is an option to adjust the school timetable to allow for training.

Pupils experiencing the most difficulties have certainly not been forgotten; teaching adapted to meet the individual needs of such pupils is offered through help with homework, individual support, catch-up classes, introductory vocational classes and the special needs section.

Thanks to the efforts of our various teams, this diversity has become a strength which we use to guide all of the children entrusted to our care on their path towards their chosen future.

Cédric Bertrand


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