Careers guidance

The "Livret Personnel d'Orientation" (LPO) from 6ème to 3ème

The Livret Personnel d'Orientation (LPO) helps pupils from 6ème to 3ème to think about and discover the 3 main areas (discovering careers, discovering training courses and getting to know oneself better) through workshops offered by the careers adviser and teachers.

It is to be kept by the pupils throughout their 4 years at collège to keep a record of what they have done and to start developing the skills they need to learn about careers throughout their lives.

The "Livret informatif et interactif" about After 3ème

  • For pupils:
  • For parents:

Numerous resources are available

Meetings and visits

  • Opportunities to meet professionals during the work placement in 4e (Year 9) and the Careers Agora in 3e (Year 10)
  • Visit to companies and CFA in 4e and 3e (Year 9 and 10) of the Vocational Section
  • Visit to the Academic Counselling and Education Resource Centre (CIEN) in 3e (Year 10) (
  • Visit to Rainier III High-school in 3e (Year 10)

People who can help

  • Careers Advisor:
    Ms Avrillaud leads activity and information sessions several times a year for all classes at all levels. She also holds individual sessions for pupils and/or their parents
    You can contact her on 98 98 86 95 or
  • Class teacher:
    A key point of contact, the class teacher is also responsible for monitoring and guiding pupils

To find out more

Academic Counselling and Education Resource Centre

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