A week of integration for the 6th students

A week of integration for the 6th students

Published on 29 October 2023 at 17:11 - Modified the 10 November 2023 at 21:28

Thanks to a transplanted class to the snow


Good morning,

The sixth year is a transition year, as we know. This is an important year that will bring about various and varied social, psychological, morphological and relational changes, which will take place in a large school compared to the small primary schools from which the students of the Principality come. The objective of the stay is to create a link between the students, to discover the life in community outside the college which will strengthen the established policy «of better living together» for this cohort.

A ski trip away from Monaco allows students to immerse themselves in a completely different context than they usually know. They will discover a new activity, a different natural and human environment and a way of life in a community that requires compliance with many rules that they will have to apply, rules that are found in the operation of the institution.

Cédric Bertrand, School Headmaster

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