Collège Charles III Running Race

Collège Charles III Running Race

Published on 14 December 2023 at 00:00 - Modified the 20 December 2023 at 14:54

5th Larvotto Running Race

On the initiative of the National Education, Youth and Sports Board of the Monegasque government, in partnership with APEM, the Running Race of Collège Charles III took place on Wednesday, December 13th at the Larvotto.

The 5th edition of the running race involved all 6th and 5th grade students in the same sporting event. It was also the occasion to have a reflection on the theme of health and on how to develop healthy behaviors.

Thank you to the entire team of PE teachers for the organisation and success of this event.

Congratulations to all the 6th and 5th grades athletes for their energy and more particularly:

6th grade Girls :

1st Greta Campanella 6th7

2nd Olivia Inostroza 6th2

3rd Lia Vitale 6th9



6th grade Boys :

1st Romeo Dragon 6th6

2nd Niklas Hushovd 6th1

3rd Enrique Senra 6th7



5th grade Girls :

1st Alexandra Nencheva 5th1

2nd Océane Schroeder 5th1

3rd Gabrielle Rousseau 5th5



5th grade Boys :

1st Mbokani Dieumerci 5th13

2nd Enea  Gaudenzi 5th4

3rd Paul Antoine Burle 5th4



6th grade ranking :

1st 6th9

2nd 6th1

3rd 6th4

4th 6th5

5th 6th7



5th grade ranking :

1st 5th4

2nd 5th1

3rd 5th5

4th 5th9

5th 5th10