Escape Game to fight against Bullying

Escape Game to fight against Bullying

Published on 16 November 2023 at 13:38 - Modified the 20 November 2023 at 16:53

November, a month to fight against Bullying and any violence at school.

"Marie, a student, didn’t come home last night. Her mother calls on her classmates to trace her last 24 hours and understand what happened."


Trace the thread of Mary’s days, walk in her footsteps, play detectives, put yourself in the victim’s shoes, understand the place and role of witnesses, elucidate this mysterious disappearance and find her…

Sailing between the classroom, the football field and the courtroom, all our 4th graders plunged into a remarkably constructed scenario. The riddles touched on themes as important as they are current: cyber-harassment, rumours, discrimination and racketeering.

This Escape Game, at the initiative of Mrs Bonnal, Mrs Commissioner General, and created by the Nice society G-ADDICTION Youth Citizen, was a way for students to have keys to act and develop their reflection, critical thinking about bullying in school settings. Their social and civic skills have been strengthened.

A big thank you to the sponsor CFM Indosuez for his participation in the service of our young people and a big congratulations to all the students for their dynamism, their team spirit, their reflections, their exchanges and their tenacity to solve the puzzles in 60 min and 00 sec!

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