An Eloquent Journey at the public speaking competition

An Eloquent Journey at the public speaking competition

Published on 15 April 2024 at 12:00 - Modified the 23 April 2024 at 16:54

We are delighted to share excellent news with the Charles III College community. Following the recent Public Speaking Competition held at our establishment, two of our brilliant students stood out and continued their journey towards success in a high-level regional competition.

Charlotte Montuori from the 4th 5 class, in the LV2 student category, and Pietro Gandolfo, also from 4th 5 but in the native student category, brilliantly represented our college during the elimination phase of the competition organized for all establishments of the Academy of Nice. This competition, orchestrated by the Association of Italian Teachers (API 06/83), brought together the best speakers from the departments of Var and Alpes-Maritimes.

During this crucial stage, Charlotte and Pietro demonstrated exceptional mastery of the art of speech. Their speeches, delivered with remarkable ease and accompanied by perfectly adapted gestures, captivated the members of the jury. Their masterful performance earned them well-deserved recognition, propelling them towards the final phase of the competition.

This final stage will take place on Wednesday May 15 at the Consulate General of Italy in Nice. Our finalists will face a significant challenge, but we are confident in their abilities to worthily represent the Collège Charles III of Monaco. Their success to date is a testament to their exceptional talent and dedication to Italian, a language and culture that is the pride of our institution.

Charlotte and Pietro's Italian teachers are extremely proud of this achievement. Their commitment and hard work have been rewarded. In addition, they embody the passion and interest in modern languages ​​that we encourage and support within our school community.

The teachers and management send all their support and encouragement to Charlotte and Pietro for the final phase of the competition. We are convinced that they will be able to represent the colors of the Collège Charles III of Monaco with distinction and hope that they will have the pleasure of getting on the podium, thus crowning their remarkable journey with a resounding victory.

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