The first Italian speech competition of the Collège Charles III

The first Italian speech competition of the Collège Charles III

Published on 15 March 2024 at 12:00 - Modified the 22 March 2024 at 11:24

Friday March 15, 2024 will remain engraved in the annals of Charles III College as a memorable day, marking the very first Italian Speech Competition within the confines of our establishment, in the college auditorium. Twelve Italian students from 4th grade classes (3, 5, 9, and 12) competed in eloquence and passion for the language of Dante through impactful and inspiring speeches, prepared with exemplary dedication.

Divided into two categories, “LV2 students” and “bilingual students”, our speakers truly shone on stage. Their speeches, each lasting three minutes, captivated the audience with their expressiveness, their carefully chosen gestures, and their ability to attract attention with vivid examples and figures of speech.

The morning began with an inaugural speech from Mr. Cojan , coordinator of modern languages 2 taught at the college, who created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our courageous speakers. After the candidates' speeches, Mr. Bertrand and Mr. Dassonville, respectively principal and deputy principal of the college, closed the event by presenting the prizes to the winners.

In his speech, Mr. Bertrand underlined the crucial importance of the art of public speaking, not only to train for the oral test of the National Brevet Diploma at the end of third year, but also for future experiences. students' professional needs and, more generally, for their everyday lives. He warmly congratulated all the participants for their courage and commitment during this first competition.

The jury, made up of Ms. Amendola , a French teacher but a convinced Italophile, as well as Mr. Blengino and Mr. Cojan , LV2 Italian teachers within the establishment, had the difficult task of deciding between the candidates. Indeed, the exceptional quality of the speeches made this decision difficult, testifying to the talent and commitment of the participants.

Without further ado, here are the names of the lucky winners in both categories:

Category “LV2 students”:

1st prize : Charlotte MONTUORI (4th 5)

2nd prize : Eva SIMIAN (4th 5 )

3rd prize : Margot PLENT (4th 9)

“Bilingual Students” category:

1st prize : Pietro GANDOLFO (4th 5)

2nd prize : Lisa AGREFILO (4th 9)

3rd prize : Omar KHALFALLAH (4th 5)

We are pleased to announce that the first two in each category will have the opportunity to participate in the Regional Italian Eloquence Competition organized by the API (Association of Italian Teachers) of the Nice academy. This competition will take place in two parts: a semi-final at the Lycée Thierry Maulnier in Nice on April 10. If the students are selected, the final will take place on May 15 at the Italian Consulate in Nice. We hope that our students will defend our establishment with honor!

Congratulations to all participants for their remarkable performance and their contribution to making this first Italian Speaking Competition a real success. We are proud of their talent and commitment to the art of speaking. This is just the beginning of a tradition that we hope will continue to inspire and uplift our students for years to come.

This event was made possible thanks to the commitment of the organizers, Ms. Adorno, Ms. Lopopolo and Mr. Melis, LV2 Italian teachers at our establishment. Their desire to promote the Italian language and culture was a real driving force behind the success of this competition.

Eloquence italien

Eloquence italien

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